A Hedy Is Born

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You roll over in bed, looking at the girl you brought home. Curvy and busty beyond belief, dirty blonde hair in a long braid, a single light purple streak weaving through it; your eyes trace it to her forehead as she rolls over, green eyes peering through long lashes. Those eyes… you swear you saw a pattern dancing behind the color, barely breaking beyond the edges of the iris, drawing you in to see if your own were playing tricks on you. Deeper and deeper you peer, barely noticing the blanket slipping down the bust your friends were drooling over earlier, revealing the mechanical heart tattoo that curves across one breast.
She reaches out with one hand, two fingers and a thumb gently grabbing your chin as the blanket continues down her stretched out body to the foot of the bed, but you can’t stop staring into those eyes as the lashes slowly part. The solid green begins to fade, leaving green traces moving, changing, dying, taking over her pupils and you keep staring, the only thought in your head focused on trying to watch as many of those lines as possible. They move faster and faster, coming and going with small sparks of light, as you think you’ve caught one pattern and it changes again and again, the pressure mounting in your head to solve solve solve solve solve how many are there how fast where where where there no there no where how many how many how ma -
All thought stops. There’s nothing but the lines.
“hmm?” you hear her say. “You can breath if you keep looking.”
You didn’t realize the pain in your lungs as you take a breath, inhaling the sweaty musk of spilled whiskey, body spray mingling with perfume, all reduced to subtle tasting notes beneath the scent of vigorous sex. Now you see beyond the eyes as she sits up , the mystery of the blanket solved as what could only be folded wings begin to open from her back. Your breath is forgotten again as you watch the lines begin to travel across dark purple membranes, joining and splitting into complex structures, the wings unfurling to span the room before curling back in around to trap you in a ring of patterns.
“That’s a good boy” she whispers into your ear. “Far less of a problem than the last one.” You nod, never taking your eyes off the patterns, now dancing as they change form and position. You can’t even remember her name, but you know you would never want to displease her. Her hand travels down to your spent cock, long fingers walking on their tips as they drag the palm along the belly, finally wrapping themselves around the soft shaft. “Oh,” she says, dragging her thumb across the glans before resting on the tip. “We’re going to have to fix that.” Her face leaves your view, a wing draping across your face, letting you see the patterns even closer, every line mirroring the whole across your entire vision, watching them warp and change. Fractals, a half-forgotten math class whispers in your mind, a pattern where every section is endlessly replicated in its own structure.
*Give in* they say. *Give her everything. Please her with every bit of you.*
It’s almost electric when her lips touch your cock and an impossibly long tongue slithers around the shaft, wrapping it in warm muscle before slowly pumping along the length, lazily dragging it into her mouth like a feeding snake. In a painful rush of blood, she sucks life back into your groin, hardening in her mouth as it rediscovers the depths it can reach and still seems to grow further, bulking up until teeth graze the base. The hand wonders down below your sack, playing with the engorged tissue along your taint, pushing and rubbing as her tongue ripples up and down your shaft. It feels good, that pressure and release and the way her fingers dig deeper every cycle, the patterns telling you to feel every bit of pleasure she deigns to give you.
*This is what she wants. This is what she needs. Please her by taking everything she gives.*
All of that pleasure remains as her mouth leaves your shaft, tongue lingering as it traces the head on the way back up, warm air exhaled along the length until the colder air rushes in and sends you tightening in pleasurable shock. As she shifts her position, you sit up, drawn by the patterns, until she grabs you roughly by the shoulders, casually dragging you onto your knees, legs spread and facing a mirrored wall that wasn’t there before. Now you see a man, short brown hair and a carefully trimmed beard, a thin layer of soft fat over hard muscle on a barrel chest, a hard cock laced with electric green traces rising almost to his navel, and behind him, her; round face peering over your shoulder, growing back-sweeping eggplant-purple horns from the top of her forehead, wings spread fully with a monochrome green fractal show dancing across them; and now a tail, long and thick, matching her wings, tipped with a bulbous spade shape like an upside down heart, creeping between your legs, brushing along your member and up to caress your cheek.
What was her name? *You will know*
What was yours? *You will know*
Why bother remembering yours? *Give in. Give her every bit of you.*
The tail creeps back down, slithering between her legs as her right hand wraps around your waist to grab your shaft while the tip takes position behind your balls. It feels wet, like a thick lube is being spread as it twitches back and forth, putting pressure on your taint until – it slips inside, a whole new experience as you feel what was once solid cockflesh part around the gently thrusting intruder, probing your body as it creates entirely new depths to host it. Moans and gasps spill from your mouth as everything inside you rearranges to accommodate her demands, new muscles growing painfully as they seek their connection points and squeeze down on her tail, serving only to bring her deeper inside.
*This is what she wants. This is what she needs. Please her by taking every bit of this gift.*
“Who’s my good slut?” her words worm their way into your head as her hand strokes your cock, your eyes darting between watching the fractal wings and seeing her tail begin to pound your brand new pussy. You can’t remember. Sluts are people. Are you a person anymore? Aren’t you just her toy? “Is it you?” she asks. “Are you the good slut?”
Now you know. “Yes mistress,” you gasp, “I’m your good slut!”
Mistress moves her hands, grabbing you by the waist, spinning you around to face another mirror as she lays down on her back, tail still slithering into your new depths. As you adjust to straddle her hips, her wings curl around you, each wing-finger touching your spine, the tips slowly sinking into the bone, and suddenly you see her fractals everywhere, crawling behind everything you see. You barely catch yourself, hands on the mattress as your hips begin to rock, grinding yourself into the force of her tail thrusts, cock dragging on her belly. Her hands reach up, kneading your pecs and gently pinching your tiny nipples. Slowly her fingers start sinking into your chest, grabbing and pulling, bringing new flesh to the surface while your nipples grow. You can see your chest, now a bust, grow in the mirror, feel their weight pull at you, watch green tracers flow across them down your body, fading to an amber glow.
*This is who you are. This is what you need. Please yourself with everything she gives you.*
And with a crunch, your ribcage begins to shift, narrowing as your waist and shoulders begin to slim, bringing you closer to the ideal Mistress has chosen for you. A crack echoes through your body as your pelvis reshapes and widens your hips, finally pushing you over the edge, spraying your cum across Mistress’ body, your cunt contracting and squeezing against her tail. And still she keeps going, stuffing more of her tail inside you, hands wandering across your – something clicks in your head. You look at her, and she smiles.
“Tell me who you are.” she whispers in your head.
*This is who you are. This is what she needs. Pleasure her with the gift of every bit of you.*
“I don’t know Mistress.” you whisper back. “All I know is that I’m yours.”
“Hmm…” She sighs. “Not quite there yet.” Her hands grab your thighs, flinging you on your back, ass resting on her thighs. Something brushes against your stuffed cunt, and you know she has grown her own cock. And with a single push, it slides inside you as her tail begins to pull out. A hand scrapes along her body, picking up the dripping cum before slapping it across your tits, sending them crashing into your face as they swell in size. Satisfied, she grabs your asscheeks and begins to pound into you, your eyes automatically tracking to lock with hers as your ass starts stretching and filling out, leaving a plump cushion that jiggles with every thrust.
There’s nothing but her eyes and a growing sense of familiarity that leaves just enough of your brain to act on desire. Reaching up, you flex your abs and sit up on her lap, before reeling partway through as the strokes hit just the right spot. And now her hands are on your shoulders, driving you into the bed as she raises your butt in the air with just her tail, all thrusting stopped. Whimpering, you grind against her, your still hard dick brushing tantalizingly along the bottom of her tits. It doesn’t matter, her tail diving further, the ridge of the thick spade tip pushing further into you than before, then suddenly stopping as everything clenches around it. Slowly her tail begins to pull out, feeling stuck as something inside you refuses to let go. You moan and buck your hips as you try to suck her back in, your cock sinking into your body with every clenching contraction, adding waves of pleasure as more its length comes into contact with her tail.
*Don’t let go, stay with her always, bind every bit of you to her pleasure. Be one with Mistress.*
And with a final churning feeling of something flipping inside out, a whole new wave of indescribable sensation crashes across what little remains of your mind, power crashing through your body, crackling amber electricity streaking across your skin. The fractals running behind everything blossom into the only thing you see, mutating faster than you can think.

You wake up, on spread knees, facing a mirror. She is behind you, her tail pulling out of your pussy, the thick spade tip reduced to a thin spade. You see your massive breasts, almost as big as your head, which is now covered in long dirty blonde hair with a single light purple streak running through it. Your hands, now thin with long fingers and sharp nails, brush across a nipple before heading down to your new hole, no longer obscured by cock or balls, sitting beneath a small tuft of purple hair. Black horns begin to sprout from the top corners of your forehead, curling back and under to sweep foreward. Your tailbone starts to bud out from your plush ass, the feeling of stretching and growing aching through your spine as it becomes a black tail, instinctively wrapping it around your waist as it grows to almost your height before flaring out into a flat spade tip, the pleasure of it tucking between your breasts causing your long serpentine tongue to stick from your mouth. Suddenly you see through her eyes as she spreads your hair, showing a series of ports down the length of what must be your spine and two growing lumps flanking them. And with a final push, your wings burst through the skin, and you are back to your eyes, feeling the tension and ache of new muscles as you spread your wings for the first time, watching as glowing amber traces begin to crawl across the black membranes between the fingers, spreading down into your body, swirling across your skin, terminating at right above where your womb should be. And there, they begin to draw circuit trace wings erupting from a hollow heart. You turn your head and look at her, like looking into a reality warping mirror, one hand casually tracing your features on her body, and she smiles.
“Who are you?” She asks, and you finally know.
“I am Hedy, and I have been ReMade in your image.” You look down at her tattoo, glowing in green, and trace the empty heart. “We must find the Princess.” You look at her eyes, fractal amber swirls meeting the same in green. “Only Grace can fulfill our need.” you say in unison.
“But first” she says “Show me everything of you.” as she leans in to start a kiss.